We start by understanding… It's very exciting to be in the event staging and production business today. As theatre stagecraft is melded with modern event technology, we see the coming together, the amalgam, of crafts and tools that are a full expression of history and an acknowledgement of our future. Like nowhere else, you see the coexistence of hammers, saws and paint with digital media and IT, computerized show control with hoist and motors, satellite and webcasting used with the rigger's knot, video cameras and wireless communications along side the fire light of a welder's torch. In this regard, our full service event staging business has been very instructive.

We integrate and employ so many different skills and tools that we were able to escape the common thinking trap that would convince us that our tools are the product. Our tools, inclusive of the audio, video, lighting and scenery equipment, in the hands of our skilled craftsmen, stagehands, technicians and operators are simply used to assist us in shaping the experience.